WHO are in reallity these horrible things ?



After long months of tracking, I have succeed to catch courageously a FURBY with the danger of my life in the shopping mall of "Auchan" one week of balance, it is to say the danger which forwarding represented...

Thus for the moderate amount of 50 $ including all taxes, that is to say approximately : a little less in Euros,

I held finally a "FURBY", which one should not confuse with a "FLAMBY", this last which can be sucked, whereas a furby not.

I then decided to make speak this being infamme! To discover from where it came, which it was and where it went, without doubting to me that I made metaphysics then, which, I must acknowledge it well me hole the bottom. Then dear friends, be you ready to discover the true identity of these "creatures immondes"?

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